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Hey! It's me, Danie Powell.


Believer and follower of Jesus. Mother of two incredible boys. Wife. Sunset chaser. Adventurer. Friend. Supporter. Cheerleader. Secretary for the Isle Area Chamber of Commerce. Community builder. Helper. Daughter. Part of the Garden Club. Learning more everyday.



I am Danie. I am a helper (ennegram 2). After turning 30 I decided I needed direction and be the person I want to be. I found so much power and passion in building a strong community around me. If you can't find the community you are looking for - build it! They have encouraged me to follow my dreams and grow my business. 

I recently moved up to Isle, MN and I am building my community in the Mille Lacs area along with continuing my work in the Twin Cities and the Brainerd Lakes area. I have helped local businesses update their headshots, updated websites, created flyers and meet some incredible people.


I started DanieGeo Productions in 2014 after graduating from the Art Institute International in Minneapolis with my bachelors in Digital Film & Video Productions. I started in the video production world making videos for small businesses around the Twin Cities. I have had the privilege of working on three HGTV shows in Minnesota. 

Since beginning my business I have found the most rewarding service I can give is my time and talents. I have a ton of experience from DJing to photography to video and graphics. If I can help someone with one of my skills - that's what matters.

I can't wait to see where DanieGeo Productions goes in the future and the people we will help.

xoxo Danie

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