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  • Danie Powell

Combining my love of faith and helping

I work with Faith Lutheran Church in Isle with their website, social media and digital ministries. I don't attend that church but I love Jesus, helping and have a large skill set to be able to reach people. It's a great job. Love the people so much. Through that job I was connected with the Northeast Minnesota Synod (NEMN Synod). It's basically the central hub for the ELCA in that area of Minnesota.

The NEMN Synod have a yearly assembly and wanted to have a series of videos made for the event and social media. The goal was to have different people share their ministries and their Encounter with Christ through their work. I talked to the coordinator for the project and we were a good fit - professionally, spiritually and just connected. I was hired for the project and excited to get to work.

This was a HUGE project. 12 videos from 12 different ministries that needed to be 3-5 minutes long with b-roll (non-interview footage that helps tell the story visually), graphics and music. It ended up being 17 videos in the end and took a lot of brain power. Let me tell you - creating videos with such depth and weigh and meaning as those, it makes it all worth it. I truly think it is some of my best editing work. As I worked on the stories I was able to see the Holy Spirit working in their lives and at their churches across the state.

As soon as they share them - I will also share the videos. :)

I am a Christian but not Lutheran. There are just some things that cross over every sect of Christianity and being apart of this digital ministry was a spiritual bucket filling experience. I am an Orthodox Christian which is an ancient faith that began after the time of Jesus with the apostles and church fathers. It's very tradition based and unlike any church experience I had ever had. It's hard to sum it up in a short blog but I can say that it changed my life and the life of my family. It's worth Googling if you are curious and I am happy to share my experiences as well.

All to say - I love when my passion for faith and serving through my talents combine. It makes work feel meaningful. It changes the job in a way to a ministry. I am so grateful and hope to have more projects like this. Until next time! -Danie

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