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Community over Competition

I joined the Isle Area Chamber of Commerce to meet people and get involved with the community. I jumped right in and I volunteered to be the secretary. This last meeting in April I offered to bring a 'program' to the Chamber. I shared about the importance of community over competition. Here's a little blurb I sent out to the Chamber members.

Community over Competition

Presented by Danie Powell, DanieGeo Productions

When you put community first and realize that someone else's success doesn't dampen your success. We are a town that thrives on tourism - a rising tide lifts all the boats. There's enough work for everyone. Community over competition. We all offer something a little different and in that way we aren't competing with each other because none of us are the same. Even other photographers do it a little different than me - in their shooting style, editing style and their personalities. The experience will be different and I want to collaborate with other creatives in the area. I may not be the right fit for someone or maybe I am already booked and I can refer a client to a friend versus the feeling of 'giving a client to the competition'. The Isle Area is stronger together.

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