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I love to DANCE!

When I was a little girl I didn't have a traditional alarm... My mom blasted music! I got going by grooving. 90s pop, Prince, Jock Jams, Fleetwood Mac... the good stuff. The love for dancing carried on.

My older brother, Travis started DJing when he was 17/18 years old, at the time I was only 10 or so but once I turned 16, he told me that I was going to learn. I always had rhythm and knew a good song when I heard one. I started DJing and got my first DJ job at 18.

As my brother learned more about the music industry and found his stride alongside Shayne Michael, The Rowdy Cowboy Show was born. Stemming from a long history at The Hoggsbreath and Tom Katt, Travis and Shayne took the show on the road. That's where I learned about line dancing. Unified dance to different songs from traditional country to new country and some pop songs as well. All I knew was the electric slide and Cupid shuffle.

I jumped in the middle of that dance floor and learned all I could. The Rowdy Cowboy Show had a line dance team. I would watch them in awe. Flash forward after one tryout after another, I finally made the team.

That chapter of my life was wild, fun and crazy. In my twenties, making friends, learning lots and dancing! Once I got married and starting having kids, Covid shutdown and moving upnorth - I have now found time to dance again! I began teaching a line dance class in my community. I'm blessed. Can't wait to start the new class!

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