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Senior Photo Sessions

How do plan your senior session?


How do you capture the story of your senior? 


I find the best way to capture that starts with the outfit(s). Colors that make him/her feel and look the best. Outfits that compliment their style and make them feel like themselves. If they feel good - the photos will reflect that. 

Next is the location(s). Each person tends to have a vibe/backdrop fit them. A natural scene or more industrial? Sporty/fields or artsy? Indoor space or outdoors? Do they have a favorite place? No matter what location - there will be creative photography along with portriats that showcase the senior.


Lastly, props! Sports equipment, jersey, pompoms, musical instruments, lettermen’s jacket, etc. Or if your senior is into art - bring it! Paint brushes, pencils, clay, etc. These items that capture their high school or college career help these photos to be a timecapule back to remember this milestone. 


Whether they are sad to close this chapter or thrilled to move onto the next (probably a mix of both), these photos will serve as a reminder of the turning the page. Can't wait to plan your session with you!

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