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What am I doing now a days?

Since I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Film and Video Productions in 2014, I have worked on multiple HGTV shows in Minnesota and launched my own multimedia business. My services include photography, videography, design, and digital media creation. Additionally I have over 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a DJ and MC. I am also able to offer a wide range of audio visual production services to my clients.

My family and I moved to Isle, MN and bought our first house in June of 2022. It was quite a jump but I landed in a great small community. Before I moved I was hired to make a website for the town next to Isle, Wahkon. Once I moved I was able to connect with my contact at the City of Wahkon more and meet a lot of awesome local ladies. Through meeting people and offering my web services I was hired to help Faith Lutheran Church in Isle with their online communication and website.

I joined the Isle Area Chamber of Commerce and the Isle Garden Club. Next stop Lion's Club? Who knows - I love people and building a community that matters. I have never lived anywhere that I wanted to build a community around me. I rented before and most of the people around me rented which makes it hard to build real community. I now get to work and play in a city that I love.

My mom grew up coming to Isle since she was a young girl and took me and my siblings up to Isle when we were kids. My mom planted real roots up here around 2009 when she inherited her mother's cabin on Lake Mille Lacs and she moved up here full time in 2020. I was the last person anyone would expect to move to Isle, mostly because I didn't come up to visit or vacation as often as my siblings, but God has a sense of humor. We had the opportunity to buy a house close to my mom, all the stars lined up and boom. I am a resident of Isle.

Small town living has its ups and downs. I hate having a PO Box but I love running into people I know when I get my mail. Everything is slower up here but I am quickly making connections. I am also way closer to Brainerd than I have ever been which makes my working at women's conference (Clear Vision with Confidence) so much easier. This year was my 4th year working for them and it's my favorite event of the year. I get to film the promotional videos before the event and the last two years I have run the audio and visual tech. That should be a whole blog of its own. (Reminder to future Danie - write that).

I had my second son in December of 2022 so the amount of work I want to complete and the work I can actually do are very different. As I write this blog my three year old is in my lap saying, "mommy, mommy, mommy - I want my own computer, I just have one. I don't have one. I want to have one. peas. pleeasee. pwease.... (insert pouting face with the lower lip quiver)". As you can imagine it is hard to juggle it all but dang I love being a mom and I love working. Best thing for me is keep my collaboration and family strong and my faith and coffee stronger. Until next time friends.

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