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Let's Dance!

My name is Danie, I am ready to teach you some new dances, have some fun and shake things up. I am motivated by community, faith, relationships and service. Hope to see you at my next class starting April 11th in Isle, MN. More details to come!

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Dancing Brings People Together

Line Dance Classes

Danie Powell is a vibrant line dance instructor renowned for infusing joy and energy into every session. With a specialization in both country and pop line dancing, Danie's classes are a fusion of rhythmic movements and infectious enthusiasm. Her primary goal is to create an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere where participants can not only learn new dances but also express themselves freely through movement.

Danie's teaching style is characterized by its adaptability and inclusivity. Recognizing that her classes attract individuals with varying skill levels and preferences, she tailors each session to accommodate everyone's needs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, Danie ensures that there's something for everyone in her classes.

At the heart of Danie's approach is the belief that dancing is not just about following steps but about connecting with others and having fun. She encourages her students to let loose, embrace the music, and fully engage in the experience. Through her guidance, participants not only improve their dancing skills but also build confidence and create lasting memories.

Danie Powell's line dance classes are more than just an opportunity to learn new moves; they're a celebration of movement, music, and community. Join her classes, and get ready to groove, laugh, and make unforgettable connections on the dance floor.

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