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What boudior means to me.

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

My Experience

When I did a boudoir session in which I was in front of the camera I was four month post-partum. FOUR MONTHS AFTER HAVING A C-SECTION and you want me to do what?!? I put on my bodysuit and got my hair and makeup done. I walked up to the bedroom to start my session..

I felt so embarrassed and underdressed. I can be crazy and weird, get naked for a laugh with my ladies but this was so intimate. My amazing photographer, Rachel DesJardins, made me so comfortable and when she showed me a few pictures she took, I was like... DAMN I am HOT! And I got comfortable. I unleashed the sexy and had so much fun! (My photos at the bottom of the brochure by DesJardins Studio).

I look back on those photos and love myself. I feel so beautiful and incredible about me. I was always beautiful but I needed to see myself through her lens.

What should you bring? What should you know?

First things first - what should you wear? Honestly - whatever you want. It could be a bra and matching bottoms set. A robe with a bodysuit (similar to a swimsuit but usually sexier). You could pick up lingerie that hangs loose or a tight little slinky outfit. Different bodies look good in different outfits. And I am all about making you look good so if you hate your arms - we find poses and camera angles that accentuate your favorite assets.

I have access to a wardrobe with multiple styles for you. Sizes XS to 3XL with robes, bodysuits, matching tops and bottoms, lacy, silky and more!

I will say - bring jewelry you love, shoes that are sexy (even if they aren't practical) and if you have something extra to add - I'm down!

Next, how do you prep for your session? Clean and dry hair. Clean, dry and moisturized face. Drink water - your skin will thank you. Shave your armpits/legs - if you want. If you don't want to - I won't judge. Make sure your outfit is ready to go - if it's in a bag, unbag it and try to get rid of the wrinkles. Lint roll if you have cats/dogs/etc. And have an open mind. It's going to be fun. Just relax and trust me.

You will get your images in about 7 days. You will get a sneak peek the same day as your session. Being nervous or vulnerable is normal. We will put on some music and play. I know what it's like to be on the other side of the camera.

And remember: You are beautiful, worthy and enough.

xoxo Danie

Here's a sneak of my session. One of my BFF's took the photos. Another amazing photographer. Her session was called "Celebrate Yourself". I felt it.

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